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Kath Gardens

Growing Good Food for a Good Life


Delicious, small-batch foods made with sustainably grown vegetables from my garden to your kitchen. 

Farmers Market

Farm Stand

Located in the city of Medford. The farm stand is open daily from 8 am - dusk starting mid-June to the end of October. Produce changes regularly depending on seasonal harvest.


Pesto and more...

Our vegetables and herbs are picked and processed at the peak of ripeness. The freshness shines in each food product we make. In our store you will find a variety of pesto's, simmer sauces, pasta sauce and more.


Eating healthier is easier than most people think and often starts with choosing whole foods from your local farmer.


Our Story

Meet Jenny Kath and her family! Jenny is the grower/owner of Kath Gardens and started her career as a Registered Dietitian. It was through her experience teaching nutrition classes that she developed a passion for growing vegetables and cooking healthful, nutritious meals for her family. They resided in Medford, a small town in southern Minnesota and have three children: Lilly, Audrey and Ian.

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